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Si Ud. esta considerando la posibilidad de divorciase, y quiere informarse acerca de cómo es la ley en la Florida, cuales son sus derechos y a que puede estar obligado, llame a la abogada Dana Pechersky, quien en una consulta sin cargo le dará la información que Ud. necesita para poder tomar la mejor decisión.

La ley en el estado de la Florida es muy diferente a la ley de los países latino americanos. Muchos de nuestros clientes vienen con pre-conceptos ya que tienen algún vago conocimiento de cómo es la ley en su país de origen y también por lo que escuchan de amigos o conocidos. 

Cada caso es diferente y merece una atención personalizada. Ud. se merece y necesita de alguien que comprenda su cultura y hable su mismo idioma. La abogada Dana Pechersky se graduó como abogada en su país de origen, Argentina y también en la Florida. Esto le da un amplio conocimiento de los dos sistemas legales mas importantes, el “Civil” y el “Common law”.

Haga hoy mismo su cita para una consulta sin cargo, para informarse de sus derechos, en su mismo idioma.

Llámenos al 954.529.2057 para hacer una cita hoy mismo o contáctenos haciendo Clic Aqui!.
Trabajamos casos en Broward y Miami Dade.

Nuestra oficina de abogados de divorcio está abierta de lunes a viernes de 9:00 am a 5:00 pm.También puede solicitar una cita telefónica.

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Google Reviews

5.0  Juan Sosa

Having my case being handled by Dana Pechersky and her amazing team, was the best decision. She is an amazing person who will listen to you without any rush. Every time that I needed advise or wanted to ask a question she or Jill Ortiz, where there for me. Having to choose to follow a divorce process is not easy, but Dana and her team guide me every step. I will recommend Dana Pechersky's office without doubts!

5.0  Lola Aparicio

Mrs. Pechersky has been an amazing support for my family. When I found myself in need of a lawyer, she was highly recommended to me from 3 different sources. She is super professional, loyal to her words and a caring human being. The communication with her team was impeccable. Her calm and empathetic demeanor offered emotional succor to myself and those I care about most. My daughter and I are eternally grateful for her service and I hereby recommend her without reservation.

5.0  Dihan Hettiarachchi

Thank you so much Lawyer Dana and her great team for helping me. Law office of Dana perchesky is the best law office I ever dealt with in the United States. They have a great team and they are so professional. They will listen to you with a great care and NO RUSH at all. This great team brings all these qualities along with them and you will never receive this much of attention from any other lawyer in the United States. Beause they are very busy all the time and no time for you. But for Dana and her great team , everyone of you is important and they will give you their full attention regardless how busy they are. Lawyer Dana, I have no words to say thank you and your great teaam and at the sametime my special thanks to madam karina for your excellent guidence. I recommond Law office of Dana Peechesky for anyone local and international and do not hesistate to call them. You will receive ever best service in the United States that you will never receive from anyother lawyer. Blue Skies Capt. Dihan Hettiarachchi Certifed Flight Instructor (FAA)

5.0  Ruth Osorio

I am very thankful for attorney Dana Pechersky who helped me through my divorce. Divorce is a hard and painful experience, but if you must go through it then Dana is the attorney you need and want. Her office staff Jill Ortiz keeps clear record and handles everything fantastically, supported me through the entire process and kept me up to date on everything I need to know. I would personally recommend Dana and her team to anyone in need of legal help.

5.0  Valentina Perez

My most sincere recommendations when looking for an excellent divorce lawyer with a great team. Very professional and with an invaluable human warmth. A divorce represents a very difficult time for anyone. I am grateful to Dana and her great team for all the support they have given me at all times.

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